Our mission is to foster the voices of women to be heard in government and advocate for conservative values. 

Each of our members brings her own set of experiences and beliefs to our club, but we all have one thing in common – a love for America and the freedoms and privileges she affords us. We support the Republican platform and the issues that impact our families. We support limited government and fiscal responsibility, economic growth and free enterprise, equal rights for all U.S. citizens, and policies that ensure opportunity and security for our families, communities, state and nation. 




Linda has been a Republican all her adult life.  She grew up and was a business leader in a strong Democratic community (Genesee County) but reading Atlas Shrugged as a young adult had set her political principles.  Obama's Stimulus served as a wake-up call. She joined Bloomfield RWC in 2015 and has served as Legislative Chair and as 1st VP for hospitality. 


She is excited to serve as President, and work with such a supporting, active group who care deeply about the future and direction of our country. Our aim is to equip our members with the knowledge and data to fight for our principles – and 2020 taught us that 2022 will require that "fighting" spirit and action.



1st Vice President



2nd Vice President

Diane is a lifelong Republican believing in the principles of the Republican Party. She joined BRWC in late 2009 and has served in a number of capacities. Her first position on the Board was that of Hospitality Chair. Her major responsibility is securing knowledgeable speakers to present relevant and varied subjects.  


Corresponding Secretary

Joyce has been a member of the BRWC for nearly 20 years and has served as Corresponding Secretary for about 10 years. Outside of her role in club leadership, Joyce has volunteered her time to several committees within the club, assisting in planning some major events and hosting club speakers.


Recording Secretary

Elana is a lifelong Republican and joined BRWC nearly 20 years ago. Elana has served as the Recording Secretary for several years and previously was Legislative Chair for 4 years. Elana is interested in policies which promote freedom and desires to inspire others to get involved to positively impact conservatism.



Judy joined Bloomfield RWC in 2005, and has held three positions on the board.  Judy has been social chair 2006-2008, President 2009-2010, and has served as the treasurer since 2011.  Judy has implemented the use of technology to allow for credit card reservations.


Assistant Treasurer

Susan was introduced to the BRWC while agitating on the streets during the Tea Party Rallies against Obamacare, over 6 years ago. Since joining, she has been on the Board as Assistant Treasurer and is active in Greater Oakland GOP. Susan is a successful business owner in the Oakland County area. 


Delegate - At - Large


Past President

An active member of the BRWC, Sharon most recently served as President from 2017 to 2019 and continues to support the club leadership. Sharon joined the Taxpayer March to Washington DC in September 2009 which led to her interest in becoming involved in a local Congressional race to help make an impact. Sharon became a member of the Bloomfield Republican Women's Club in 2010.