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Our mission is to foster the voices of women to be heard in government and advocate for conservative values. 

Each of our members brings her own set of experiences and beliefs to our club, but we all have one thing in common – a love for America and the freedoms and privileges she affords us. We support the Republican platform and the issues that impact our families. We support limited government and fiscal responsibility, economic growth and free enterprise, equal rights for all U.S. citizens, and policies that ensure opportunity and security for our families, communities, state and nation. 





Kim is a life long Conservative Republican.  She was on the Election Integrity committee and 1st Vice-President before accepting this position.  A precinct delegate, Kim volunteers door to door for candidates and is an election inspector for Waterford.  Kim expresses a grateful heart for the freedoms and opportunities the United States of America offers her people.   Kim's opinion:  We have a wonderful group of ladies and gentlemen.  They are eclectic, smart, and very supportive of our mission.  As 1st Vice-President, I brought guest speakers to educate and inspire our group to take action.  I am looking forward to a very politically active year and all that we can accomplish as a club to further our mission.  Kim lives in Waterford. 

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1st Vice President

Tanya Armitage-Edgeworth was raised in Michigan, after graduating Michigan State University, she took a high-tech job in Silicon Valley. While living in California, she experienced first-hand how poorly local and state governments can be run, this turned her into a Conservative. During her high-tech career, her job required extensive travel to both domestic and international locations. What a great opportunity for her to see that the core principles of conservative values are shared across different countries and cultures. Tanya is most passionate about education for our next generations. She has been outspoken advocate for education choice since pulling her daughter out of a private Christian school to provide her a homeschool education. Tanya resides in Rochester Hills.


Every child learns differently. Encourage and support each child to develop into the amazing adult by giving them the best foundation to learn.




2nd Vice President

Diane joined BRWC in 2009.  Her first position on the Board was Hospitality Chair.  She was elected 1st VP and served four years obtaining first-rate speakers for the club.  Diane has been a Precinct Delegate since 2010.

 Formerly a Chrysler employee, she currently is the business accountant in her son’s company. 


A life-long conservative Republican, Diane believes in the founding documents as written, the principles of the current Republican Party Platform and prays the overreaching power of government will end and future generations will be free.  Diane lives in Clarkston.



Corresponding Secretary

Joyce has been a member of our Club for over 20 years.  She has held the position of Corresponding Secretary as well as serving and chairing many committees.  She is a co-owner of the family business, MacLeish Building.

Joyce lives in Bloomfield Hills.



Recording Secretary

I am a life-long Republican and have been a member of BRWC for nearly 20 years.  I served as Legislative Chair for several years previously and am now serving as Recording Secretary, a position I have held for several terms. I enjoy taking action on issues through contacting legislators at the local, state, and national levels, working on petition drives, creating action items for the club, and attending rallies.  Elana lives in Bloomfield Hills.




After retiring from General Motors, Judy had more time for politics and joined the BRWC in 2005 after being recruited by another member.  In 2006 she joined the Board as the Social Chairman and in 2007 she assisted another member in setting up our first website.  In 2009 she was elected as President and set about working to shore up Club finances and increasing fiscal discipline.  She has been Treasurer since 2011.  She was elected as a Precinct Delegate in 2010 and continues in that role.  She lives in Clarkston.



Assistant Treasurer

Susan was introduced to the BRWC while agitating on the streets during the Tea Party Rallies against Obamacare.  Since joining, she has been on the Board as Assistant Treasurer and is active in Greater Oakland GOP. Susan is a successful business owner in the Oakland County area.  Sue lives in Lake Orion




Annette has always been a Republican and thought being a good citizen meant voting regularly.  After the 2020 election and watching the quick decline of our country, she decided to become active.  She joined the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) and shortly after started a local AMAC Action Chapter.  She enjoys educating and engaging AMAC members in the 11th congressional district. 


 She is currently a member of the Planning Commission for the City of Bloomfield Hills.  She works in the manufacturing industry as a Human Resource Professional in Ann Arbor.  Annette lives in Bloomfield Hills.




Namrata Carolan (AKA Namoo) is a National Public and Motivational Christian Speaker. Born and raised in India, survived tyranny under severe persecution, lacerated, traumatized under communism and tortured for Christ as a young Child left for dead by organ harvesters by the pernicious threat of socialist/Marxist creep of the Communist Party. A legal Immigrant to the United States who gave her entire life to serve God as a Public Servant. She recently served as Republican County Commissioner for Michigan. She is a Speech Language Pathologist/CEO and Director of Somerset Child LLC specializing in early years development and learning Center. She is President of Carolan Consulting LLC for childhood trauma and recovery. She has been working with Children and hearing-impaired all-over Asia and the USA.  


Namrata currently serves with multiple government related entities providing interface with County, Local Government and is working closely with the Public as a constitutional and Christian political commentator.  Namrata Carolan has travelled extensively all over the world and is very versatile with many languages and 

cultures of the world. Namrata’s Husband and three children are lifelong Michiganders. She lives in Jerome


Linda Holloway

Past President

Linda has been a Republican all her adult life.  She grew up in and was a CEO and business leader in a strong Democratic community (Flint and Genesee County) but reading Atlas Shrugged as a young adult set her political principles.  She joined Bloomfield RWC in 2015 and has served as Legislative Chair, 1st VP and President.

A precinct delegate, as are so many of our members, she enjoys involvement with such a supporting, active group who care deeply about the future and direction of our country.  We work to equip our members with the knowledge and data to fight for our principles.  Linda lives in Independence Twp.

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