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Pete Hegseth, Fox News Contributor

On October 19th, the Bloomfield RWC welcomed guest speaker Pete Hegseth, Fox news contributor and weekend co-host of Fox and Friends. Before his time with Fox News, Hegseth served in the armed forces and as the former Executive Director of Vets for Freedom and Senior Counterinsurgency Instructor with the Minnesota National Guard.

As a deeply conservative individual, Mr. Hegseth's comments emphasized President Trump’s accomplishments during his short time in office, and further encouraged conservatives to not give up hope. He pointed out that the one way that President Trump has disrupted the political correctness narrative is by using Twitter. The media's obsession of responding to the President's tweets before taking up other issues has clearly exposed the biases of major media outlets.

Hegseth also shared his thoughts on left-wing politics. He believes that liberals now have such an extreme position that there is no longer a belief in the basic tenants of American Culture and the Constitution among the party. They have used education to indoctrinate the younger generations with disdain for America, the Constitution, and the accomplishments of a free people. As a result, many young people are identifying themselves as “global citizens”, foregoing patriotism altogether.

Mr. Hegseth gave four, time tested strategies for good citizenry based on Theodore Roosevelt’s speech in 1910, “Citizenship in a Republic”:

  • Work, there is virtue in work.

  • Fight for freedom every day, by arms if necessary.

  • Have many children, demographics matter.

  • Faith, character, and belief in God beget a religious people who recognize a higher authority than the government.

In closing, Pete emphasized that history is not over; neither America or freedom are inevitable. He encouraged attendees to promote American leadership in the 21st Century and its civilizational values. If it falters, it will be taken over by non-free countries; there will be no free world to go to.

Thank you to 1st Vice President Diane Bernier for her efforts in booking Mr. Hegseth, working with his schedulers, making sure his books were available for purchase, and providing his transportation while he was in town. As always the executive board works behind the scenes to make these events successful and we express our gratitude to them. This event hosted 20+ young people through generous donations from some of our members, allowing the message to go beyond the membership. For those who attended, we hope that you benefitted from the evening.

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