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Resolutions are an important tool in making our voices heard as well as educating ourselves and others on a variety of issues. When combined with other organizations we can impact policy at a higher level. 


A resolution must be introduced by: A club member

And presented to: One of the two Delegates at Large 

The Delegate at Large will be responsible for ensuring the resolution: 

  • Falls within the scope of our club’s objectives 

  • Does not contradict the Republican Platform 

  • Is properly styled 

  • Has clarity 

  • Is processed within the timeline 


Note: The D.A.L. is not the person to change it but review it. All changes must be made by the member. 


  • Board of Directors must receive the resolution five days prior to the board meeting. The President, or Delegate at Large if the President is unable, will email it to the Board of Directors 

  • Delegates at Large must receive the resolution for review a minimum of ten days prior to sending to the board of directors 

  • Resolution will be placed on the Board of Directors agenda for discussion and a vote once it is sent to the board of directors 

  • If resolution is approved, it must be printed, signed by the President and Recording Secretary, and sent to those listed at the end of the resolution by the Recording Secretary 

  • Membership will be notified of a resolution through the newsletter since all members receive a copy. 

  • It is recommended a press release is distributed upon approval of any resolution. 


The Delegates at Large will handle the processing as outlined therefore a Resolution Committee is not needed. Due to the timing of board meetings and general meetings it was determined the board of directors will vote on the resolutions. Also, with the size and diversity of the board, it is believed to be both a cross section of the membership and an active, informed portion of the membership.


If the board chooses to also have the membership vote on it then the board will provide an up or down recommendation to the membership. The resolution would be emailed to the membership five days prior to the general membership meeting. 

Submission of the resolution must include three pros and three cons. If data is used as support either in the resolution itself or as support/opposition, it must be footnoted. 

The individual introducing the resolution, or a surrogate, must be at the board meeting for discussion of the resolution but not the vote. 

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