Bloomfield RWC 2021 Priorities



  1. FOCUS LOCAL--with our $$ and political attention

  2. YOUTH OUTREACH--youth deserve education not indoctrination

  3. ELECTION INTEGRITY AND win 2021 & 2022

Programs, activities and speakers will be focused upon these priorities

The club’s objectives per our by-laws are to: 

  1. STRENGTHEN the interest and effectiveness of women in Republican politics and activities. 

  2. WORK for the election of the Republican Party’s nominees. 

  3. PROMOTE an informed electorate through political education. 

  4. EDUCATE voters in the principles of the Republican Party and encourage active participation. 


How do we meet those objectives? 

  • Increase efforts to increase membership using the current membership to promote the club. 

  • Continue to host and actively promote monthly speakers who are engaging, topical and educational. 

  • Share a unified, coordinated Republican message utilizing all tools available: Publicity; E-Comm; Facebook; Twitter; Press Releases, Website; Flyers, etc. 

  • Encourage members to run for office or recruit candidates and support those running for office through promotion of existing educational campaign programs. 

  • Increase voter information by using social media; as well as providing information specific to non-partisan candidates. 

  • Provide information and training so that members can engage in the political and policy making process. 

  • Expand the club’s reach by supporting and working with the county party as well as local Republican clubs and other organizations. 

  • Identify talents needed and recruit members to work with our board and committees. 

  • Continue to sponsor events that provide a service to our community and promote the Bloomfield RWC events. 

  • Increase our involvement with and support for Republican Youth organizations and give our members the information they need to counter the misinformation that is fed to our youth.