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Candidates & Prospectives
Republican Organizations

Join the millions of Americans fighting to keep our country free

Join the millions of Americans fighting every day to keep our country free

OCRP is the Oakland County Republican Party

Alliance of centrist Republicans dedicated to working across the aisle

The largest grassroots (60,000 members) Republican women's organization and Bloomfield RWC members belong

Our state-wide RWC -- all Bloomfield members belong to RWFM

Macomb RWC is a local Republican women's club

Neighbor to the west of Oakland County working for the same cause.

Macomb GOP is the Macomb County Republican Party

Livingston GOP is the Livingston County Republican Party

Genesee County GOP is the Genesee County Republican Party

For Candidates/ Prospectives

Explore legal resources, campaign finance data and more

Manual provided to educate candidate and inform

Link provided to contact Oakland Counties elections clerk

Guidelines for filing for office, information for candidates

Non-partisan educational organization - training conservatives since 1979

Training prospecting female candidates & coaching - supporting

Research, education, change & map listing training programs by state

Platform for women to become courageous & informed citizens

Bi-partisan program at MSU for public policy & leadership

PAC focused on electing conservative women to federal public office

Detail of how Oakland County residents voted

Look up monetary sources of support for candidates and expenditures

Encouraging center & right leaning women to run for local - federal office

Leadership training for Republican women to run for office

Oakland County municipalities, school districts, libraries list when terms expire--put in your address to see which offices will be up for election

Look up contributors by candidate & by donors including your own contributions

How to become and how to be effective as a precinct delegate.  Forms, training, resources, strategy

Unbiased information to educate and inspire American voters. Info on candidates and Ballot initiatives

The Grand New Party exists to renew the Republican Party in Michigan from within.  Will support proven conservative candidates in state house, county commission and school boards.  GNP is dedicated to fulfilling the promise of the America first movement in Michigan. 

Foundations & Think
Foundations/Think Tanks/Grassroots

Bridging the partisan divide by bringing red, blue & neutral together

Advances principles of free markets and limited governments

Conservative advocacy organization -grassroots advocacy

Using Conservative Principles & action in Michigan

Presents forecasts of national, state & local races, including judicial contests

Initiative for renewal of conservativism - sponsored by Pepperdine University

First Principles, Founding Fathers, vital documents and speeches resources to better understand our great history

Identifies, trains, educates & organizes students to promote liberty

For Michiganders fed up with rights being trampled by the government

National organization of 80,000 men and women who share conservative and pro-family values. We have faith in God and in America, and hope in the future, based on freedom and opportunity for all.

Reclaim and defend the rights and liberties of Michiganders.

Free online courses in politics, history, literature & wealth

Seeks to represent the diversity of black thought beyond MSM's spin

Protecting and supporting individuals and parents to make vaccine decisions with educational information, public advocacy

Conservative non-partisan education foundation

MRA is based on holding liberals accountable

Media channel that not only analyses problems, but promotes solutions with focus upon election integrity and 2020 election

Emphasis on the moral, religious, & constitutional foundation of the USA

The one & only place uniting Michigan by connecting businesses, organizations, & communities who share American values of  Liberty & Freedom

Outstanding monthly series (free to subscribe) focuses on modern issues

Informing voters, recruiting precinct delegates, shaping policy, and supporting and electing conservatives to Lansing

Supporting Liberties & Personal Choice

Defending Edu
Defending Education

Working to reclaim our schools form activists bearing harmful agendas

Education tab-exposing the indoctrination our schools face

Resources created to track progress and policy of CRT in K-12 grades

Resources created to track progress and policy of CRT in universities

Political action committee dedicated to electing school board members nation-wide - committed to abolishing CRT

National movement of moms to reclaim our culture & save the family

Nonpartisan organization advocating for quality K-12 education free from pressure or requirements to subscribe to a singular worldview & activist curriculum with a political agenda.

Conservative nonprofit that advocates for parental rights.  70,000 members and growing--now has an Oakland County Chapter

Education commentary with wide range of voices on all things education.  Includes a CRT Toolkit to identify it and advocate for its removal from educational system. 

GSI is a non-profit organization designed to coordinate collaborative, high impact, education focused initiatives designed to transform declining  schools into highly effective teaching institutions.  Guidance for using the GSI Sex Education Opt Out form to protect your young child

Other Sites
Other Sites of Value

Objective ratings of charities and access to tax filings 

Objective ratings of charities and access to tax filings

Can file complaints against tax exempt organizations & obtain their tax returns

Scores companies on corporate donations, political advocacy, lobbying & more

Tracks censorship by tech companies & by issues

Supporting the conservative movement with an organization capable of responding quickly. 

The AFLC'S mission is to fight for faith and freedom through litigation, education, and public policy programs. 

ADL is the world's largest legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, marriage, family, parental rights and sanctity of life

Non-profit public law firm located in Ann Arbor Michigan

Money in politics watchdogs

Defenders of truth, liberty, leadership, & our freedoms

The largest legal organization dedicated exclusively to defending religious liberty for all Americans. 

International Analyst and Policy advisor

Oak. Gov.
Mi Gov.
Oakland County Government

Primary Site for Oakland County Governance

Board Calendar, agenda for meetings, contact your Commissioner

Michigan Government

Has link to contact Michigan's current governor by email

Links to reach and contact all house members 

Link provided to contact Senate for the state of Michigan

Encyclopedia of American Politics - details by state and includes ballot info

Based on users address user can locate local representative


Follow legislation & track the progress of bills at a federal level

Contact Senator Peters by email

Contact Senator Stabenow email link

Facts matter - tracks politicians, votes & funding

Based on users address user can locate local Senator

Links to Oakland County Municipal Offices
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